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Hi Friends,

I know it probably feels like we disappeared, I’m sorry about that. By way of explanation, two of our kiddos were really sick for the last month and a half. We even spent sometime in the hospital. Everyone is doing much better now, but we always appreciate prayers and well wishes. My planting schedule had to be be pushed back, so the flowers may be a little later this year. With that said, several people have messaged to see if I will be at the Bridgeport Farmers Market this summer. The short answer is “if I have flowers!” We might run into some issues with our late planting, but I’m hoping to be there. Last year we started selling the bulk of our flowers at the July 18th market. Be patient. I know it felt like we were there all the time, but really you shouldn’t expect us until the end of July/August, and trust me, we can’t wait to see you there. As always, there will be posts on Instagram @sweetspotwv reminding you to come see us.

In other news, we have managed to get 21 apple trees planted. This was one of the exciting things I alluded to in my last post. So far, so good. We are hoping they will be the foundation of a beautiful little orchard that we can share with all of you in a few years.

We are also in the midst of reworking our rose garden as it was experiencing some significant drainage issues, and we are expanding the footprint to make room for more varieties. When it is complete there will be over 50 varieties of long stem cutting roses.

Lastly, and probably the most exciting for us personally is that construction on the farm house is approaching a start date. For now, we are still in the planning phase, but it’s coming together. I’m hoping that projects big and small will go more smoothly and quickly once we can be there full time.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. We appreciate all of you so much. Please feel free to message us with questions. I will post more as the flowers start to bloom. See you soon!

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