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Hi there! I'm Lindsay, together with my husband, Josh, I own and operate Sweet Spot Farm & Apiary. We are a small family farm located near Bridgeport, West Virginia.


My husband and I are both originally from Montana, and grew up spending summers on our grandparents' farms and ranches. We spent the last 15 years moving around the country as my husband pursued his medical education, and dreaming of a day when we could afford a piece of land on which to cultivate a lifestyle that we had been missing since we left home. A place where our four daughters could experience fresh air, hard work, and a deep appreciation for nature.

After deciding that Bridgeport would be our "forever" home, we immediately began searching for a piece of land, and purchased 100 acres of beautiful West Virginia hills. Sadly, the 45 minute drive proved to be prohibitive with four kids and my husband's busy work schedule, so once again we were farm shopping. Somewhat serendipitously we ended up seeing 23 acres only 10 minutes from our home, and while there were many reasons to say "no," in the end we just couldn't get over what a sweet little spot it was.

We quickly got to work setting up our honey bees, which we moved over from our previous space, and developing a logo for our Sweet Spot Honey. In order to expand our hives and provide our bees with ample pollen sources, this spring we planted a one acre cutting garden on the property with over 100 flower varieties.

In addition to our Sweet Spot Flower Farm Honey and many varieties of fresh cut flowers, my parents (who also moved here from Montana) will be producing small batches of Sweet Spot Maple Syrup from our 15 acre woods.

We are currently in the process of expanding our chicken coop and expect to be offering local farm fresh eggs in the next year or so. 

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Wild, Wonderful

West Virginia

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